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Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post
The only one placing them in a different category is you. That thinking is limited. There is really no reason that a Guardians of the Galaxy movie should do well. None one knows who they are. The don't have a large exiting fanbase. They haven't had a cartoon etc. But you know what? Marvel doesn't care. They are doing everything to build anticipation for the film, so people want to see it. That's good marketing. They did it successfully with all their films so far to the point that Iron Man is a household name as or more popular Wolverine at this point or at least in the same category.

When people talk about the similarities between MCU and X-men it's the universes and their ability to sustain a variety of properties successfully. You keep limiting your think based on "oh it's just a spin-off of X-men it won't be successful". Instead think of them as properties that simply exist in the same universe. Granted what we've had so far has been spin-offs. But future films wouldn't need to be. Just attach them to the broader X-men universe. A universe in which the previous films took place. You don't have to do another prequel or anything, but you could move forward the way the MCU has. Just because the Avengers exist doesn't mean they had to show up in Iron Man 3 or Winter Soldier or the next Thor. But they do all occupy the same universe. Now I'm not as versed in X-men lore as some but I would think there a lot of interesting properties tied to X-men that are ripe for a film. And just like with Guardians they may not be well known by the GA but with a solid director, good casting etc you could the kind of buzz Guardians is now generating. For example the character Abigail Brand is or did date Beast in the comic. She runs an organization called SWORD, pretty much Shield in space and defends earth from aliens ect. Now I don't know if fox has the rights or not but I think that could be a way for Fox to get into the cosmic elements of the franchise. You have the Shi'nar empire, Vulcan, the other Summers brother etc.

I get that you have a very specific viewpoint on this scenario, but you have to acknowledge there is more than one way for them to approach it.

Anyway I do owe you an apology. I went back this weekend and watched the first two X-men movies and they were fantastic!!! I forgot just how good they were. I allowed my dislike for the third to cloud my judgement on the first two. Bryan Singer gets a lot of undeserved hate. I'm now pretty exited about DOFP.
Great post daybreak! I totally agree with it.

Its cool to see new users having an open and postive mind regarding the x-men universe and the movie universe.

Most of us agree that Fox will finally expand the universe in the next years, so lets enjoy the journey and lets see how awesome their future movies will be and how happy we will be if they sign talented and great cast and crew, including directors, of course.

Im sure in 7 to 10 years, we'll end talking about how awesome was that movie, and how epic was that other movie, and on and on. Im totally excited for the future of this franchise

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