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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

I prefer the "parallel" of Bane getting offed by a weapon after deciding to resort to one himself (with a major character I mean).
For some reason Bane's strutting around on the street during the revolution, and none of the cops think of maybe attacking him with knives or some other weapons they could've picked up somewhere - maybe even guns from defeated enemy soldiers? He successfully relies on only being attacked with bare fists, and then beats everyone on that level.
And the sewer fight lacked any use of weapons, of course (inexplicably from Batman as well). So then he's finally had enough and just wants to shoot the guy already, and bam - someone finally thinks of shooting a few rounds at him.

Maybe it doesn't make that much sense, but I dunno, just has a nice ring to it - all this time you're like "okay he's really tough, but come on, he's right there in the open, just someone plrsdr SHOOT the guy! ohh wait, they're doing like a movie thing with who's the tougher boxer, okay...", and then... whatdidyouknow, he's killed with a gun.

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