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Default Re: 20thCenturyFox's Future Spin-offs and Solo Movies

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
If they want to expand the universe they have no choice BUT to do solo movies or other team movies.

You keep getting stuck on the fact that if a movis isn't as big as the past movies or on par with Days of Future Past that it's a flop when that's not how things work. Look at Marvel - Thor and Captain America's solo movies didn't perform as well as Iron Man or Iron Man 2 yet they were still successful and they are pushing forward with MORE spin-off and solo movies in the future.

If Fox went wants to start competing with that they are going to HAVE to expand the X-Men universe outside of the main team.
There's a reason why none of the spin-offs suggested in this poll haven't been in pre-production stage.

And they can expand the film universe by releasing 1 movie for every 2 to 3 years. They don't necessarily need to do a new movie every year.

And MCU isn't releasing spin-offs so its not the same thing with X-Men releasing spin-offs.

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