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Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
One issue is you can't say wolverine is the favorite character then blame origins failings because he is not with the other Xmen/cast, it doesn't work like that, it had every reason to do a small bit better then X3, it told wolverines backstory which was left a mystery along with cameos of really quite popular mutants

Avengers was a hit and because of that iron man 3 is making the big bucks too, the other characters ain't involved
Even if Origins was a good movie it wouldn't outsold X3. Like I said, Wolverine with the X-Men sells more than just Wolverine himself. It worked well before because it was the first X-Men spin-off movie/first prequel movie/first Wolverine movie and it was released after the highly successful X-Men 3. But look at the buzz for The Wolverine, there's like ZERO excitement. Even though I think Wolverine is the only one that can carry a solo movie other than the X-Men, it doesn't mean he can carry his own 2nd movie and 3rd solo movie and expect it to be successful as his 1st solo movie.

Then whats in store for the other spin-offs, can the other X-Men carry their own film and perform really well at the box-office. A solo movie for Cyclops? Storm? Deadpool? Nightcrawler? Mystique? What about spin-off teams like X-Factor, New Mutants, X-Force? Like seriously, what are you expecting with these spin-off movies? a $50 to $100 milllion domestic gross? And since its a superhero movie, FOX would at least need to spend $50 million just for the film to look expensive and well made, for the stunts/VFX. Its not a romantic-comedy or drama film where they wouldn't need to spend a lot of money. Even if they are good movies and marketed well, it doesn't guarantee success at the box-office.

And if you think its really necessary to release spin-off movies, then why Sony/DC/Disney aren't developing one right now? They aren't doing a spin-off movie for Loki, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Venom, Supergirl, Robin, Catwoman. Agents of Shield doesn't count because its a TV series and we know FOX doesn't have the rights to make a TV show for the X-Men. Spin-off usually don't do well compare to the series that they came from. If you can list down 10 spin-off movies that did better the original series. Then my argument of "spin-off rarely outgross the original series" is wrong.

Its really just the X-Men and FOX who keeps releasing spin-off movies and I think 3 spin-off movies are enough for now and they need to go back to basics and release films with the original cast who are labeled as the "X-Men".

And Iron Man wasn't a spin-off movie. It was introduced to the general audience as a new superhero film that was turned into a series then the lead character appeared in a cross-over/team-up movie with other superheroes that got a movie too. Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/Captain America weren't spin-offs. Most of the people who watched Iron Man had no idea about this MCU thing. They were marketed as their own thing and not coming from an ongoing movie series.

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