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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Even if Origins was a good movie it wouldn't outsold X3. Like I said, Wolverine with the X-Men sells more than just Wolverine himself.
by comic book fans but you spend most your time talking for the "Casual audience" who ain't in that same league, hense why a character like spider-man is more relatable to a bigger audience

It worked well before because it was the first X-Men spin-off movie/first prequel movie/first Wolverine movie and it was released after the highly successful X-Men 3.
LOL what you are saying ORIGINS did well because of X3? I mean really? what world you on? whatever world it is you seem to believe audiences won't go to watch there favorite character because it doesn't have other characters from the previous films, even though most the other characters were not treated very well anyway and felt like supporting characters alot of the time

Its really just the X-Men and FOX who keeps releasing spin-off movies and I think 3 spin-off movies are enough for now and they need to go back to basics and releasing films with the original cast who are labeled as the "X-Men".
yes this ^^ is pretty much it in a nut shell YOU think 3 spin offs are enough and YOU feel they need to get back to basics

And Iron Man wasn't a spin-off movie. It was introduced to the general audience as a new superhero film that was turned into a series then the lead character appeared in a cross-over/team-up movie with other superheroes that got a movie too. Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/Captain America weren't spin-offs. Most of the people who watched Iron Man had no idea about this MCU thing. They were marketed as their own thing and not coming from an ongoing movie series.
wolverine appeared in 3 films, X3 which got a big audience wolverine was the star and then he had his own film after, you couldn't be more wrong, origins failed because while fans wanted more alot of the casual audiences gave up on it and lost interest in the X-men movies, and thats pretty the opinion of many, once a franchise becomes dull many don't wanna pay to see it

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