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the first Xmen movie started the comic book movie craze, and the sequel X2 didn't make that much more then X1 but it was really well received and had a big cliffhanger and so the 3rd got a bigger audience but overall iTS known to be terrible and the franchise was on its 3rd film but wasn't even making $500 million, or even close to the $800 million that spider-man made the year after and FOX were obviously confused as to why, they had put so much confidence into X3 and it didn't make the big bucks they wanted added with mixed to bad reviews

and they took the route of wolverine alone for cheaper budget and added all the big characters in and it did ok it made money, it made quite abit less then X3, but again it was hit by mixed to negative reviews, was it because it was a spin off? no thats stupid, was it because the previous film pretty much was a wolverine film? maybe!, was it because X3 was lousy, yes most probably, it didn't help people get back into this franchise at all

then came first class which made abit less then origins, but is actually seen as a success for Fox, and you can see why as it made just under what wolverine made but it was a fresh new take with a new cast and didn't have wolverine to fall back on but it still got the audience and it was well received and loved and i believe many felt it was the best comic book movie of 2011, many who gave up on the OT didn't bother paying to see this film but thanks to word of mouth watched it on dvd, and i have heard many say they watched it first on dvd

and overall even though FC and OT are in the same continuity they are also known as kinda seperate franchises to fox because of the different actors playing the roles, hence why they this cross over was felt to be something exciting

there is now a bigger universe with FC and the OT, many have accepted them both, many love fassbender, many love jackman and no one knows how well Days of future past will do but with the reunion factor of the OT and the love brought back by FC i think it will show the Xmen franchise in a new light and defo opening this universe up for both FC and the OT

and yeah i know your blah blah about how everyone got excited about OT returning and was such big buzz, but thats because they been away since 2006, the buzz has died down quite alot since, is it cool they are back? yeah its great, but what you fail to realise is people are incredibly excited to see fassbender and mcavoy back because they were fantastic in the roles and to see the next step in the FC story and if you don't believe me search around, and even the rumor of havoc returning has got people excited because they didn't think it was gonna happen, the same with the OT surprise casting

you don't want spin offs, but thats just you, what you want, your taking your views as casual audiences views but i'l say it again your view points are flawed but its incredibly difficult to get that through to you because you won't accept it and why should you? you want what you want, but personally i like the OT and FC and they have my support for what comes next

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