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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

I just wanted to's to Batman.

The other guy is about to finally have his moment, and obviously that's very exciting. But there is part of me that can't help but feel like this next stage of the DC Films is all going to be very Superman centric. After all, if it's Justice League we are ultimately building towards here, it makes sense that their leader would be the foundation upon which everything else is built. I'm sure Batman will have an important role to play, but I'm just preparing for him to be the second most important character in that universe.

For me it's a more bittersweet feeling than I anticipated. I've grown up in an era where Batman was just always the cooler character and the one who did all the heavy box-office lifting. If Superman is indeed reclaiming his "throne" as it were, the guy he is inevitably knocking off that throne is our dear Dark Knight. Or at the very least they'll be sharing that throne. And you know what? That's very cool. It's how it should be. It's just weird for me to think we may be heading into an era where Batman is no longer the undisputed top dog. That's how I've always known him and that's how I'll always think of him. He's been keeping the throne warm for Supes for quite some time now.

So, once's to the Goddamn Batman.

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