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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

I decided to give the movie another watch to see if I liked it more...can't say I did. The visuals are still gorgeous (particularly the snow), the production design in the interiors is awesome (the exterior felt too much like a soundstage to me though), Keaton's still a good Batman (not my kind of Batman but I enjoy his slasher villain-esque demeanor), Pfeiffer's not my kind of Catwoman but still really good with the Catwoman she's given (I just don't care for the insane Catwoman, I prefer the sane thief) and Walken's a lot of fun (when isn't he?).

As for what I didn't like, and I know a lot in this thread would disagree, I felt Penguin's plan fell apart towards the end, it's a case of style over substance, I still don't care for Keaton's Bruce Wayne, Batman as a killer (especially shoving the bomb in the guy's pants) bothers me still and I don't like this Penguin.

I feel the film would have been improved a little with a rumor I heard was planned, Shreck being Penguin's brother. Though, I feel that Shreck is the strongest villain in the movie. Make him the main villain, he's awesome.

Overall, a visually gorgeous film overall with a lot of great stylistic choices but I don't like Burton's takes on Batman as a killer, Penguin or Catwoman. I'd probably give it a 6/10. I can see what other people like in it but they aren't things I care for.

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