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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

well they picked the best actor they found, not about where they came from.

it's a case of technology having made auditioning easier, skype, email attachments, webcam, phone, video conferencing, online profiles (IMDB, Wiki), netflix etc

it's widened the net for casting, so brits, aussies, germans, russians, africans ect can all get a shot at roles that hollywood couldn't be assed/afford to fly people in to audition for.

Cillian Murphy/Moon KnightMatt Bomer/Nova
Michael C. Hall/DaredevilJeffery Donovan/Bullseye
Alexander Skarsgard/Sentry
Charlie Hunnam/Iron Fist
Hugh Dancy/Mr. FantasticClive Owen/Dr. Strange
Simon Baker/Hank PymJon Hamm/Frank Castle

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