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Default Re: Official Superman Returns Discussion

Hello, I am a longtime lurker (about 3 years) of SHHYPE. It's been a boon to me since I work an overnite shift and I have been a superhero fan (DC AND MARVEL) since I was old enough to talk. The release of a new SUPERMAN film has got my fanboy juices flowing (I know, I know... Eeewwww!) and I hope MOS just knocks it out of the park. What is prompting me to post is that on the MOS boards proper there seems to be this strain of posters that are using SR as a way to bash S:TM/SII. It seems younger fans and some older ones too believe that SR fails because it hews too closely to what came before. It's almost gospel now on the MOS boards that this is it's ultimate sin. I am looking forward to MOS. I am hyped to see a action filled,big and epic SUPERMAN film for the ages. I am hoping that it can and will excede what was done by Donner and Co. in 1978. But I don't need to tear down an obviously highly influential film that has laid the ground work for every single successful superhero film since, barring perhaps BAT'89, and one could argue THAT would'nt have been made without it's success. Still, I think that becuse Singer so closely wanted the nostalgia of those films to rub off on his own works we now have a vocal group who lay SR's failure to launch a new round of "SUPERMANIA" on it's reliance on previous work. Let me make my opinion totally clear. SR does not fail to be a good film because it's an eratz Donner Superman film. It's a poor film becuse it's poor film: A bad idea(Supes unecessarily leaving Earth/love child plot), a bad Lois with no on screen charisma or chemistry with her co star, a lack of any humor or heart, and while I like Routh actually, he has maybe two pages of dialoge in this film. This plus other criticisms cannot be said of S:TM. In other words, SR fails becuase it is not like the Donner/Reeve original.

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