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Default Re: Do you think a MCU approach to the X-Men film series would be a good idea?

Originally Posted by lozzy.94 View Post
I really cannot see it working out, there's potential in it but having X-men characters appear in films on a yearly basis might over saturate things. I think one of the main reasons the MCU has worked so far is that the leading character are very different from one another, while the X-men character may have different powers and personalities things like the problems they face, there villains and just there life in general are usually all the same.
I agree with lozzy. With the X-universe, I think the best way you would get away with a higher frequency of X-movies would be to have the spin-offs show very different and unique corners of the X-Universe. I say embrace the extremely convoluted nature of that world. I'm thinking like a Starjammers film featuring the Shi'ar, in contrast to an X-Factor political thriller set in Genosha, in contrast to a Savage Land film or a film set on Asteroid M. Just my opinion.

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