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Default Re: Do you think a MCU approach to the X-Men film series would be a good idea?

Originally Posted by lozzy.94 View Post
I really cannot see it working out, there's potential in it but having X-men characters appear in films on a yearly basis might over saturate things. I think one of the main reasons the MCU has worked so far is that the leading character are very different from one another, while the X-men character may have different powers and personalities things like the problems they face, there villains and just there life in general are usually all the same.

Wolverine's "lone gunfighter" persona is the same as Storm being a living goddess in Africa? Or Cyclops and Jean's romantic dramas? Or Beast as the erudite and sophisticated genius, trapped in the body of a fairy-tale "Beast"? Or Emma Frost, the pornstar hottie school headmistress?

The only thing the X-characters have in common is *usually* a universal hatred from the vox populi, but other than disenfranchisement, each character has a very different story arc individually.


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