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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
Don't think that WB isn't going to milk Batman for all he's worth now... nothing will change in this regard.

Reboot or otherwise, Batman is still the biggest DC Comics property by far.

Superman may be gaining more prominience, but Batman will still be making ALOT of money. Who knows if this Superman franchise can reach the heights of TDK Trilogy?
This is without a doubt, true. I'm not saying I think Batman is going to fade into obscurity or anything. Just that it will be an adjustment for Batman to have to coexist cinematically with Superman and no longer be the the most powerful hero in his own universe. Then there's also the fact that he'll be coexisting with a Superman who has a fully fleshed out origin story while his will likely be more "assumed"...and I just get a picture of a universe where Batman is more of a cool guest star in someone else's story (at least in a WF or JL film). I could be wrong, that's just what my feelings are at the moment.

And Gotham's Knight, I hate to burst your bubble but it seems this is definitely the direction WB/DC is going in. As long as Man of Steel is a success, I think we're pretty much on the road to a shared universe. Between WB wanting to do this since forever, Snyder acknowledging that the larger DC Universe does exist in Man of Steel, and just yesterday Goyer admitting that he'd love to see a Justice League movie...inevitable is the word I would use.

That said, we may still get a Superman trilogy yet. MoS was enough to finally get WB off their JL for 2015 plan. We could be talking a long ways (and a bunch of movies) down the road before any of this cross pollination happens.

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