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Default Re: Do you think a MCU approach to the X-Men film series would be a good idea?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post

Wolverine's "lone gunfighter" persona is the same as Storm being a living goddess in Africa? Or Cyclops and Jean's romantic dramas? Or Beast as the erudite and sophisticated genius, trapped in the body of a fairy-tale "Beast"? Or Emma Frost, the pornstar hottie school headmistress?

The only thing the X-characters have in common is *usually* a universal hatred from the vox populi, but other than disenfranchisement, each character has a very different story arc individually.
The personalities of the characters are quite different, but one major problem is that the "I was born this way" mutant genesis lacks the compelling origin stories that draw the audience toward the characters. Though posters on these forums often bemoan them, Cap, Spidey, Supes, Bats and IM had fantastic comic book origin stories that were successfully translated to the big screen. Luke Cage is another character whose origin comes ready made for movies, and I am hoping to see a version of the terrific Drax/Moondragon alien abduction and experimentation story next year when GOTG is released.

My guess is that DOFP will leave FOX with two potential franchises going forward - a modern version with Jackman's Wolverine leading a group of "New Mutants" and a 70's-80's version that will feature a young Jean, Scott and Ororo. A key factor in which, if either franchise FOX decides to move forward with will come from how DOFP performs against what looks to be heavy competion in GOTG.

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