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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

I could only come up with some solid stuff for 5 films. Here something along the lines of what I'd like to see.

Intro to "Untold Story"

More bits of "Untold Story"
Intro to MJ, Harry & Norman (hints of GG)
Electro & Rhino

Conclusion of "Untold Story"
Intro to Daily Bugle
Green Goblin & Vulture
Gwen's death (Goblin escapes)

Peter devastated (MJ grows closer)
Harry (drinking and drugs)
Mysterio (mind games with Peter following Gwen's death would be cool)
Peter finds out that Norman is GG
Final battle Spidey vs GG...Goblin dies

Sinister Six
Peter & MJ begin dating
Shocker introduced
Harry becomes Green Goblin II and recruites Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio & Shocker to kill Spider-Man for killing his father

I know we've seen the revenge of Harry Osborn, but I really like the idea of him not only becoming the GGII to kill Spider-Man but assembling his own team to completely unmatch Spidey. It would obviously be the way to bring back the characters for the Sinister Six.

At first, it would be a shock to Peter because he obviously thinks the Goblin is dead, not knowing that Harry is now the Goblin. But it would be so ****ing awesome seeing the Sinister Six. And I saw that some of you used Kraven. I like Kraven, but I just think he'd be out of place with all these other "supervillains". Plus, I'm a huge Shocker fan, so I'd like to see him instead.

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