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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post
I agree with you 100%

That being said there was a very recent article that mentioned Paquin's wrap up with True Blood and how Stephen (her hubby) will be fulltime daddy while she's shooting X-Men. Also, Stewart mentioned in his speech that she would be flying back to pick upo the rest of their filming schedule. It leads me to believe she isn't done as some might suspect.

I can't see Bryan also wasing the opportunity to work with her again. Paquin is portraying a huge fan favorite Rogue and with her immensely popular True Blood, I don't believe she would come back for a cameo role. I think her involvement has to be significant. It wouldn't make sense for her to shoot for 3-5 days then be done.

What really adds to this is that Bryan has tweeted photos of everyone from the cast EXCEPT Paquin which makes me believe that she hasn't shot anything. He has been so twitter happy with this production and releasing everyone's photos in character. If she had really filmed anything he would have tweeted her a looooooong time ago.
I understand what your saying.And yes I agree it would be strange for Bryan Singer not to want to use rogue.The first X-Men really focused on Wolverine,Rogue,Xavier,and Magneto.And we know 3 of 4 will get key focus on DOFP.Apart from Cyclops Rogue Is character that got screwed by Rothman and Brett Ratner In Last Stand.

In X2 Bryan was starting to plant seeds for Rogue to be more involved.She convinced Iceman to go back to help WOlverine,she stped up and stopped Pyro,and she flew the blackbird to get It to others.

If Anna Is sighted In Montreal we can Immetely assume Rogue will be joining Wolverine on trip to 1973 and It will be physical time travel.

The 5 or 6 days Anna was on set she probally filmed what was needed for the future scenes.If we get no more reports of Anna on set odds are Rogue Is one of first caslaties of the sentinles in future scenes.

It's also very curious both Anna and Ellen Page are both In film.I never thought they both would be especilly since Rogue In first 2 films served In the kitty void even though Kitty had cameo In both films.If Anna were to have been completed her role Kitty In future may be to help make up for the fact they had Anna for only a short amount of time.

If they need Rogue primarly for studio stuff Anna could have flown back to
Montreal.It's always possable the stalker photographers missed Anna at

If anyone could get Anna back for a small role It would be Bryan.

People also need to remember Bryan on X-Men films he Is Involved on X-Men,X2,first Class,and now DOFP Is doing his Intreption of 616 X-Men
universe.made to work on big screen.At times trying to be somewhat realistic
Interption of X-Men universe.Bryan's take Influenced Chris Nolan on Batman,
Jon Favrau on Iron man and Zach snyder on Superman.All 3 of them had
mentioned trying to do realistic takes.

Some people will reply but Singer made a boring Superman film.Well If you think It was boring then you must think original Superman was boring because apart from Kryptan exploding the same kind of action In Returns was In Superman.

Anna has a stunt double so Rogue has to take part In some kind of action.
And If we are lucky enough to have Rogue with Wolverine back to 1973 It can callback to close Wolverine and Rogue relationship In first X-Men.One of various problems with last stand was laregly forgetting about that relationship.

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