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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Well Bryan never tweeted about Magneto(Ian Mckellen version) Colossus and new mutants In future.We got pics of daniel Cudmore In Montreal but not as Colossus.Plus nothing yet
on Quicksilver.

It seems till at least comic con Bryan's tweets are only promation for film.
Bryan actually tweeted alot of Ian McKellen during the first week of Photography.

He's tweeted: Berry, Ashmore, Cudmore, Page, Stewart, McKellen, McAvoy, Jackman, Lawrence, Dinkelage and most recently Fassbender.

While some may not have been in costume he still tweeted about them and showed them with him on set. Paquin is the ONLY one that has NOT been photographed with Bryan. He has been extremely snapshot happy with the cast so I find it odd that had Paquin shot anything that Bryan would not have released a photo from her time during her visit to Montreal.

Even had he not tweeted her some of the Paps would have already caugh her on set as they have with the rest of the cast.

I agree that Rogue is an extremely popular character of the franchise and there are many fans vested into what Bryan does with her in this film. I do think he's purposely saving her for the Comic Con teaser then we'll start to see a flow of Rogue photos release.

All this leads me to beleive she has done zero work on set and they were just prepping her for the upcoming schedule and storyline. If anything they were probably doing costume fittings and FX measurements so they are ready to go when she comes back for actual true filming.

My assumption is Paquin is just wrapping up True Blood and will do her junket this week then it's off to Montreal

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