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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
So you just want solo films? I find that boring personally. Maybe if they just did a MOS trilogy then linked it to Batman (Bale or other) then that would be cool. But never wanting a Justice League movie is just not a realistic request. It's inevitable and it should happen at some point.

The next 10 years is the time to do it. Comic book movies are probably going into obscurity at some point in the mid 2020's. At the rate they're pushing them out now each year (Marvel and DC), ideas will run out. People will get sick of the genre and it will go on hiatus.

Now is the time for any studio to do JL. Warner Brothers are just that lucky studio. And they need to do it right. Goyer & Snyder is the perfect step.
And personally, I find the prospect of an ongoing expanded universe boring. If they decided to make an expanded universe with a beginning, middle and end, I'd probably really enjoy it. If they decided that 10 (or however many, just not too long) years of their CBMs would be one universe, I'd enjoy that. But my problem stems from the fact that I doubt they'd do that. We all know they'd milk it until the well dried up.

My problem with it is being tied to one version of a character and their villains. In particular (since I'm most familiar with him), Batman. Having a gothic Batman in one era, a more grounded Batman in another and so on and so forth works best in my opinion. You can have different and unique interpretations of each character instead of having just one version. An expanded universe would limit what you can do with the character. You can't do a rough adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, for example, because that would affect every other franchise.

As I said, if they use an expanded universe for a decade or so, alright. That gives us new interpretations of the characters and differentiates it from what has come before. It gives us a new Batman and a new Superman and a new Green Lantern (presumably) and characters who haven't shown up yet like Wonder Woman, Flash and maybe Aquaman. That'd be great. Run that series from like 2015/2016 to 2025/2026 or so. This could work really well. It shows the audience that characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash can be awesome and they would be more open to seeing these reinterpretations after this series ended.

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