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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
That's only because he has been shoved down their throats by dominating the movies. I doubt most of the general audience knew who he was before the movies.

Isn't it time to give some character development to some of the others, so the audience can love them too? And what about some new characters for when Hugh and Halle have given up and don't want to return?

And I don't think that love for Wolverine is as great as you think. Origins didn't beat X2 or X3 at the box office and there is hardly any buzz for The Wolverine.

Face it: Wolverine's story is played out and so is that silly 'romance' with Jean Grey because it never was a romance anyway, just a studio's forced attempt to give him a love interest by taking one that belongs to another character.
This, This, This.

For most of the GA, their idea of a character is entirely wrapped up in how they appear in other media. Of course the GA loves Wolverine more than the others: Fox purposely made Wolverine the dominant figure from the start. They give him the cool one liners, someone elses love interest as his main one, and a pretty boy lead for people to pine over/want to be.

The GA dosen't know that Cyclops is a much bigger badass in the comics, one that wouldn't put up with Logan stealing his vechicles.

The GA dosen't know that Rogue is a feisty southern belle who can actually kick ass.

The GA dosen't know that Storm is a warrior, not a character with a shifting personality with an average performance from Halle Berry.

There's more examples, but basically Fox hasnt scratched the surface with these characters, mainly because all they care about is Logan for the most part.

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