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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
True, but I feel that if they do bring Bizarro, it would be jumping the shark a bit introducing alien clones to was was initially a realistic "2012/2013" world(as producers called it) before Superman and the other Kryptonians showed up. I mean people are just getting used to the concept of aliens, no need to put cloning and alien clones so soon in the sequel or any sequel, in my opinion.

I mean can you imagine how ridiculous things would get, if they introduced someone like this:

I don't think anyone would seriously expect a Snyder-Nolanized version of Bizarro to actually look or sound like that if they really did introduce him into this franchise. Or at least I couldn't take them seriously if they did, anyway.

And IIRC Bizarro on "Smallville" was almost a complete departure from the traditional portrayal of the character, yet still had traits that could easily be identified as being a version of Bizarro. And isn't the whole creative thrust of a reboot to put a new spin on things anyway?

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