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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

In fact, I'd go a step further than just going down the "fully-grown Super-clone" road again...I'd probably put a different spin on the the Super-Soldier/Extremis threads of the MCU by having CADMUS develop their own program to imbue Kryptonian DNA into select human subjects, highly-trained and capable soldiers, to create a deterrent force against any further alien invasion attempts, which, with a little brainwashing and post-hypnotic suggestion on the sly, they believe they can control. But one of the specimens goes wonky on his keepers, is left amnesiac by the unfinished/interrupted mental reprogramming, leaves his dormant fellow would-be super-soldiers comatose (thus to potentially keep them 'in storage' for a later film) and flees on the Smallville/Fortress/Metropolis path trying to piece together who and what exactly he is...and taking down pretty much anyone who stands in his way with powers and abilities that, far beyond those of mortal men though they are, are almost the exact opposite of Kal-El's due to a quirk in the genetic process. And if delivering super-powered smackdowns upon mere mortals is what it's going to take to get the attention of a certain other super-being who can probably come up with the answers with one peek of X-ray/microscopic vision at the new guy's biological makeup, than so be it...and if Kal-El dares try to stop the guy from evening the score on the ones responsible, all the better. Sort of a darker twist on the whole Clark/Kal-El "Who Am I?" Personal Quest bit; I wouldn't mind reading a little more personal tragedy into it too, to give it further echoes of Shelley's Frankenstein or even Harvey's arc in TDK.

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