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BatLobsterRises, well said. Here is to the new Batman on the big screen.

Personally, I don't really mind that Batman will have to share his popularity with Superman. I fully welcome it. In my opinion, this is something that has been needed to happen for a long while now. The way I always viewed Batman and Superman is that they both have to be at around an equal level in order to maintain balance in the DCU (from a thematic point of view). There are 2 sides to justice: hope and fear. Superman is the force that strikes hope into the hearts of good people whereas Batman is the force that strikes fear into the hearts of bad people. Both of these things are required in all superhero stories. This is also part of the reason why Batman and Superman respect each other so much even though they don't agree with their own methods. Superman knows that Batman being out there doing his non-by-the-book thing is just as important as his own by-the-book methods and Batman knows the same thing vice versa.

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I'll be skipping Arkham origins and going straight to the next gen Batman game Rocksteady is working on. This spinoff by an untested, amateur studio is making me cautious.
Game looks great to me so far. It looks like they brought all of the best elements from AA and AC back into this game.

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