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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post
I agree with you 100%

That being said there was a very recent article that mentioned Paquin's wrap up with True Blood and how Stephen (her hubby) will be fulltime daddy while she's shooting X-Men. Also, Stewart mentioned in his speech that she would be flying back to pick upo the rest of their filming schedule. It leads me to believe she isn't done as some might suspect.

I can't see Bryan also wasing the opportunity to work with her again. Paquin is portraying a huge fan favorite Rogue and with her immensely popular True Blood, I don't believe she would come back for a cameo role. I think her involvement has to be significant. It wouldn't make sense for her to shoot for 3-5 days then be done.

What really adds to this is that Bryan has tweeted photos of everyone from the cast EXCEPT Paquin which makes me believe that she hasn't shot anything. He has been so twitter happy with this production and releasing everyone's photos in character. If she had really filmed anything he would have tweeted her a looooooong time ago.
But then again the movie is full to the brim with fan favourite characters played by respectable actors with good careers just like Paquin, don't you remember Bryan's cast tweet, there is a whole lot of acting talent in this film and we don't expect all of them to have 'significant' roles. I'n not shooting what you said down I'm just presenting the counter argument. If anything I hope what you have said is all true.

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