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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I was as disapointed as the next fan with SR, and am really dismayed that it's kind of retroactively tainting S:TM/SII. But for me the problem is compounded by all the possible ways it could have been good given all the really good elements in the mmix there. Aside from the casting of Lois the actors they chose could have really done some stellar work with a better plot and script. I mean, Spacey as Lex? How do you screw that up? How do you not utilize a legend like Frank Langella? Even if it's for some comic relief. The Daily Planet crew of Lois/Perry/Jimmy are'nt in the slight bit entertaining. This is another in a long list of things that Donner did well that Singer and Co. don'nt even do at all.

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