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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

When will people get films are different than comics.

Let's compare comics the Avengers,and since they called It the avengers and
not ultimates the 616 will be used for this compassion,

The Avengers come together on own yet GA only knows Shield has to gather
each one
The GA only knows it takes death of coulson to get Avengers to go after Loki
The GA thinks Iron Man Is leading Avenger not Captain America like In Comics
The GA thinks Tony Stark hangs around the avengers outside armor
The GA thinks Black Widow and Hawkeye as shield agents
The GA thinks Hulk Is key Avenger
The GA thinks Bruce Banner Is kep part of Avengers
The GA thinks Nick Fury Is black

People are again playing this game when they praise all other comic book films that have massive changes but complain about X-Men doing the same.

MS films have changes as do the spider-man films and Batman and superman films Chris Nolan Is involved In.

We should be hoping for a decent and good adaptian true to spirit and we can see some things from comics but not expecting direct translation.And If your going to be demanding a direct translation you need to apply that to all and not just X-Men.

Rest In Peace X-Men Cinematic Universe-2000-February 14 2019.I for one will miss the X-men.
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