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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

Originally Posted by Repulsor Blast View Post
why on earth didn't we get that as the final product?

We did. It was just an example of real life not matching perfection achieved in art. As a comic suit or simple illustration, I like The Avengers suit, but it's extremely awkward looking in real life - for me, the worst of it was the cowl. I much preferred the suit after he lost the cowl in the NY fight.

Overall, I thought CA:TFA suit was absolutely stellar. While I understand the need to make a "modern" suit, where TA faltered was in the overall design mentality - it was all form over function. The reason the CA:TFA suit looked so good is that function and authenticity were at the heart of the design - it actually looked like a soldier's outfit modified to fit Cap's aesthetic. Nearly all details in the suit supported that and looked like it had purpose. The Avenger's suit was nothing but a high-value cosplay suit in that it was all style, with little substance - I can just imagine the designers thinking:

"Oh, crap, this suit is all flash! Johnson! It's supposed to be a SHIELD suit, right? Throw some zippers on it, that'll make it look useful in combat!"

Now, before anyone flames me for this opinion, I'm not calling for bullet proof vests and rubber parts. Some characters can get away with simpler, more "comic style" suits, depending on the character themselves, the world in which they inhabit, or the overall quality of the original suit itself (Spidey is a perfect example, but even then, functionality was taken into account in some degree or another in ASM). I'm also not calling for Nolan-style "TEH REALIZMS!". There's a big difference between giving a suit design a "realistic" feel (ie: looking like it makes sense in OUR world), and making it look/feel like it has authenticity within the FILM'S world...The Avengers suit failed in that, while the CA:TFA succeeded, IMO.

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