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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

I can enjoy the Avengers as a film.But since It was called the avengers
and not the ultimates I could pick apart It just like I can Spider-man films,
and Nolan Batman and superman films.So you want to complain about X-Men
films seperate from comics.and with both 616 and ultimate universes It can be hard to pick what Is true history.I always have preference for 616.Some might like ultimate.When we are talking about Superman and Batman that gets even

What GA knows about avengers the film has many differences than comics.

despite my preference for 616 nick fury.If you cast Samuel L Jackson of course your going to get a bad ass character on film

We have a much acclaim cast for days of future past

Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence,Halle Berry,and Anna Paquin
Oscar Nominee Hugh Jackman,perfect as wolverine he just needs right script
and director
2 time oscar nominee Ian Mckellen
Emmy Nominee Patrick Stewart,perfect as xavier
Emma Winner Peter Dinklage
Oscar Nominee Ellen Page,who now has a compent director working with her on a X-Men film

When you remember the 1990's and they were putting out films like batman Forever,Batman & Robin,and Steell that makes you appecate what a relief the first 2 X-Men films were.

as for your points with regard to Iron Man 3 the less I say on that film the better.My view on that film Is like others view on Star Wars Prequels,last Indiana Jones,and Superman Returns.

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