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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

Bizarro would absolutely fit into the Nolan/Snyder world if you made him similar to the evil twin in Superman III.

I know I know. Superman III was one of the worst movies ever made, of any genre! But Christopher Reeve did a pretty good job as "*******" Superman. Bizarro in Nolan/Snyder universe can be similar. An evil/angry/mean version of Henry Cavil. Period.

He doesn't have to be all "stupid" or "slow" or anything. Doesn't have to be like Bane from Batman & Robin. Just make him "evil" and paint his skin extra white/pale. Boom! You have a perfectly acceptable and believable Bizarro!

And yeah, I'd like to see him born of an attempted cloning experiment. Perhaps by Lex Luthor himself. (Hey, it's better than sending a bunch of genetic material into the SUN and creating a Nuclear Man with a blonde 1987-style mullet).

P.S. - a weird batch of kryptonite, followed by a weird body-splitting metamorphosis, is also not that bad of an idea. I think it was Richard Pryor, the snobby Wall-Street villain, the fighting "weather" and mother nature, and the cheesy music that really killed Superman III. Not the evil superman part, which was pretty cool.

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