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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

I dig Barry's Flash quite a bit. Wonder Woman's great when done right. Sometimes I like Hal, sometimes I can care less. I feel the same about John Stewart. Aquaman I don't care about but he'll be needed as a character if say Darkseid wants to control or destroy every area on earth. Martian Manhunter is cool but I would limit him.

So yeah, I love the idea of a Justice League quite a bit. Especially since Snyder/Goyer are doing it.

Im not a fan of the Avengers or their characters at all so DC/JL will always be "my" team.

There's no need for a Trinity along with a World's Finest and Justice League. That's overkill. It's like Marvel did an Iron Man/Hulk movie then a film with those 2 + Captain America before getting to Avengers. It kills the momentum and the "wow" factor of seeing them all team up for the first time. Im a HUGE fan of a World's Finest idea but not Trinity.

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