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Default Re: Anyone had a crush on Catwoman growing up?

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
Not on Catwoman, but on Julie Newmar, most definitely. But, TBH, it was from before she played Catwoman, my crush started earlier, when she played a sexy robot in a show called "Living Doll" (I think that's what it was called). When she later became Catwoman, that just reinforced a crush that was already there.

She is a sex goddess of the 60's!

Originally Posted by Lex Luthor View Post
I remember being pleasantly surprised when I found out that Adrienne was providing the voice for Catwoman. Yes.

I personally wasn't a fan of the whole dominatrix scene, but if we're talking about solely her appearance, well, I'll just say I much prefer Jim Aparo's rendition more appealing.
I agree with that.

How about Lee Meriwether? i rented the movie when i was 8 as i was getting into Batman and i noticed her in the movie as Kita/Catwoman and she looked fine, she even had a nice booty and a fine body to go with it.

Which version of Selina on TAS was hotter? blonde or brunette? personally it doesn't matter, yet her blonde version looks kind of like a 50's playboy centerfold where the brunette version looks like Natassia Kinski from Cat People with a bigger rack, . That one is from one of my fave episodes "Cult of the Cat" and i was 17 when i saw that episode on WB and i thought she looked fine there as i recalled fantasizing about her, lol. I do remembered when i first saw her when the show first aired on Fox i said "Wow, she looks like Michelle's version".

Linda and Julie were perfect for their roles and who knew they made the roles perfectly.

Your so right Lex to agree with me that this version is unattractive, i dunno what Frank Miller was thinking to make her look like Sinead O'Conner.

Michelle looked good in glasses don't you guys think so? i love the sexy secretary look some chicks have and makes them attractive.

Who thinks Eartha's version is quite decent? she had a purr-like voice that made her sound catty you know.

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