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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I am actually quite happy to see Batman take a step back.

Firstly, without Superman, there is no Batman. Batman was literally invented to capitalize on the success of Superman. So to see the father of Superheroes take his throne back is, IMO, fitting.

Also, I like Batman being the underdog. That's what he should be. He is the atypical superhero. He dosen't have bright colors and he dosen't have a relatively sunny disposition, and he dosen't even have powers, so watching the atypical Superhero become the flagship always bothered me on a small level. Especially when DC constantly peddles out Batman cartoons and comics, and everyone else gets little to no significant exposure.

So yeah...I'm more than ready to see my favorite comic character take a step back. Not only would it mean no overexposure, it would mean that the rightful king gets back on his throne. At some point, I would like Bats and Supes to share number one, but now is the time to show people why Superman should be revered and relevant.
I agree with all of this. I guess my post was just a way of saying that I'll always be a hardcore Batman fan through thick and thin. He'll always be no. 1 in my heart sorta thing.

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