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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
10 years ago Batman's name was mud. Now he's got what is considered by most to be the greatest superhero movie ever, and he's floored the gaming world with the two best superhero based games ever.
Very true. I find it weird that I sometimes forget that. When I think of Nolan's Batman films, my mind is so often wrapped around what the Nolan brothers and Goyer did with TDKR that I sometimes forget all of the great things they did for Batman. Overall, they did far more justice to Batman than things that I would consider to be missteps.

Plus, the Nolan films are responsible for making Batman cool in the eyes of the GA. Yes, Batman was cool before the Nolan films in the eyes of the GA but unless you read the comics or watched the cartoons, he was more cool in a "Batman throws cool batarangs at the Joker and stuff!" kinda way. What the Nolan films did is introduce the complex psychology and themes of the Batman mythos to the entire world - the study of fear and of what makes people afraid, the study of madness and the psychological mind behind it, the relationship between fear and insanity, the thing that separates Batman from other vigilantes and other district attorneys, etc.

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