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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

I could go on forever about how the Nolan films made Batman cool again and how much that meant to me. Before 2005, I know my friends thought my Batman obsession was kind of random and goofy. Like, they liked Batman, were fans of TAS, but they thought the movie franchise was a dry well that had no chance of ever becoming big again. I was trying to get them hyped up for Batman Begins, and they were cautiously optimistic at best. Then it came out and it blew them ALL away. It was such a feeling of vindication. For the next seven years, through TDK and TDKR it felt great to always have Batman as a major topic of discussion/speculation. It really felt like the whole world around me had joined in on the fun of being a Batman fan, and it was no longer seen as some nerdy obsession. It became everyone's obsession.

So yeah, we've definitely undergone what I like to call a "Batman renaissance period" over the past decade, which has spilled into video games too which is awesome. Maybe it'll fall back in the dumps some day, but I'm just really grateful that this hit for me at the perfect age (19-26). It makes me really proud that in the era of the comic book film, it's the Batman movies that are seen as the most adult. That's exactly how it should be IMO. I feel like this series gave fans the closest thing to an R-rated product (which I think we all kind of secretly long for) without actually going there. It pushed it as far as it could go while still being something younger teens can go see. A perfect balance of commercial appeal and artistic vision, something so many films in this genre struggle to balance. Ugh, I just love these movies so much. They meant the world to me, all three of 'em. I know it's corny to keep gushing but I can't help it. I get very nostalgic when I reflect on the trilogy.

At least we still have the Ultimate Edition release to look forward to

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