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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Originally Posted by smsvmos View Post
I just would have rearranged the movie differently. All scenes are perfect, story is Perfect. I would have put the Krypton scene when Clark asked Jor-El of who he was. But that's just me
indeed all scenes are perfect. just wish some of the scenes Zack can punch it harder and the tedious "piling machine destruction" is a little too much. lol.

and here is my wish lists.

the pa kent
i wish Clark would emotional break down in front of Lois when he talked about his father death. he should have blamed himself for not saving his father and being too selfish and too afraid. then to see Lois consoled him and there is where the affection grow.

the first introduction
i wish after the first flight they would have done it like Ironman. you know inserting some "the crowd pleasing saving scenes" over the whole world.

the piling machine and its destruction to cut half.

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