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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

This is how I would have played it out

My Man of Steel Cut:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

- Movie starts where Comic book Prequel ends
- Clark in fishing boat scene
- Clark saves ppl from Oil rig
- Clark gets knocked out by debris from oil rig and falls into the ocean.
- Clark goes into flashback sequence when he was a kid
- Clark wakes up and goes to a nearby town
- Clark sees a school bus in the town and goes into a flashback
- We see the Kent's and early teen Clark
- Teen Clark saves school bus
- Pa Kent has a talk with Teen Clark
- Pa Kent tells the truth to teen Clark about where he is from and how they found him (Maybe a flashback of how they found him?) Flashback ends.
- Clark goes in the quest to find the Fortress of Solitude (Kryptonian Ship)
- Clark find the key in the Kryptonian ship and activates Jor-El's Message
- Jor -El tells him of what happened in Krypton
- Flashback of Krypton
- Lara gives birth to Kal-El
- Jor-El and Lara place new born Kal-El into the ship
- Jor-El reunites with the Kryptonin Counsel about Kryptons destruction
- Zod enters with his rebellion army to take over the counsel
- Zod takes Jor-El into custody but he escapes
- Jor-El takes the Codex and goes to his chambers
- Jor-El and Lara place new born Kal-El into the ship
- Jor- El activates the ship to send baby Kal-El to earth.
- Zod arrives to stop Jor-El and arrest him for the stilling the codex
- Jor-El and Zod fight
- Kal-El's ship takes off
- Zod is sentenced to the Black Zero
- Destruction of Krypton takes place (end of flashback)
- Clark suites up
- A Beacon is detected by the military and Lois goes with them
- Lois finds Clark on the ship and he saves her from the wound inflicted by the guard robot
- Fortress Ship takes off and lands in another part of earth
- Superman first flight
- Superman goes back to Smallville
- Lois goes after the identity of the mysterious guy (Clark)
- Lois tracks him to Smallville and talks to Martha
- Martha tells her that Clark works in the graveyard of Smallville
- Clark tells Lois of his father
- Flashback of Clark and Pa Kent
- The Tornado sequence
- Pa Kent dies
- Lois goes back to metropolis and shelves the story
- Zod's message to earth and Kal-El
- Zod' ship lands on earth
- Clark says goodbye to Martha
- The military surround Zod's ship
- Superman presents himself for the first time as demanded by Zod
- Lois talks to Superman
- Zod sends a pod to take Superman and they also take Lois.
- they are taken to the Black Zero to meet Zod
- Kal gives Lois the codex key
- In the dream sequence Zod reveals his true intentions
- Flash back of how Zod and crew got free from the phantom zone
- Zod tells Kal-El of his plan to activate the Kryptonian Clone Codex to re-populate the earth. In order to activate the Codex Zod need the key to the ship
- Kal-El refuses to help
- Kal wakes up
- Lois activates the key in Zod's ship
- Jor-El tells Lois what she has to do
- Zod goes to the kent farm to find the key
- Lois escapes on a Kryptonian pod
- Superman escapes Black Zero and saves Lois from crashing
- Zod arrives on the kent farm
- Ma kent refuses to help them
- Faora tries to kill Ma Kent
- Superman saves Ma Kent
- Superman fight the Kryptonians in Smallville
- The military attack both the Kryptonians and Superman
- The military take Superman into custody
- The military interrogate Superman
- Zod arrives in Metropolis and also deploys the other ship for Terraforming
- The military engage Zod's ship
- Zod goes to the fortress and activates the genesis chamber
- Superman teams up with the military to stop the ships from terraforming
- Superman goes head on into the ray to try and stop it.
- Superman destroys the ship
- The military activates the Phantom Zone
- Superman takes down the Fortress and the Genesis chamber
- Superman saves Lois from falling to death
- Zod’s Ship is sent Into the black hole
- Superman fights Zod
- Superman kills Zod
- Superman goes back to Smallville
- Clark with the help of Lois gets the job at the Daily Planet.
- The End

That's how I would have done it

As u can see all the scenes are there but just in a different sequence of order.

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