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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Just got back from a 7pm showing in southern California.
Heeeeelllll yeah, that was great!!!!

When Clark found the FOS, I assumed that he was actively searching for it, somehow aware that it was out there, and his search led him to where they had located it.
But yeah, they needed to explain if he was there on purpose or not.

SO very fun and went by very fast.
Some humor but very little, and surely not enough for some.
Liked the way a lot of things were handled.
The way they deal with his "secret" identity was refreshing to me.
Liked the motivation of the villains and thought they actually truly threatened Superman for once.
I didn't mind the crazy non-stop chaotic action, thought it was handled well.
Very simple plot, and I understand if people complain about its nonexistence.
Room for improvement here and there, but great entry nonetheless.

Felt like the spirit of the comics on film, despite the changes here and there. Didn't mind the changes.

LOVED it, loved it. Going to go see it again at IMAX tomorrow.

Hope more people felt the same.

How about a magic trick?....8}
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