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Awesome Re: The Batman (1966) Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
Good time to be a Batman '66 fan, what with the series of action figures, and now model kits coming out.
the model kits are out and have been for a while the 1/25 scale all new 1966 Batmobile is a a MUST buy it comes in 3 flavors

1: pre painted (all the red striping and stuff is already on the body shell) snap kit that comes with a batman and robin figure to sit in the car when built.

2: glue kit, molded in black (I think, do not quote me on that) has decals for all the red striping, has opening hood with a choice of a V8 motor or a turbine, trunk opens to reveal the mobile bat computer.

3: ultimate, molded in white , has stencils for the body stripes, you paint the car red/orange apply stencils, paint car black, remove stencils, voila stripes are on the body. also has photo etched parts, a batman and robin figure, and the option to build it as the 'bird mobile' when penguin stole it and changed the bat logos on the doors to penguins and has a umbrella that sticks out over the passenger compartment.

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