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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread


The best film of the year so far. But alas, not a 10/10. It didn't have that edge that my ten spots have (The Dark Knight, The Avengers) I didnt feel my ass falling out of my seat due to coolness with MoS.

Not for lack of trying either. I felt a huge grin at several points in the film. Every bit of action was phenomenal. My personal favorite scene was supes learning to fly

As far as rankings go...

10 - The Dark Knight
10 - The Avengers
9 - Batman Begins
9 - Amazing Spider-Man
9 - Man of Steel
9 - Incredible Hulk

Zach Snyder:
9 - Man of Steel
8 - Watchmen
8 - 300
7 - Sucker Punch

2013 films:
9 - Man of Steel
9 - Star Trek Into Darkness
8 - Iron Man 3
7 - Oblivion
5 - Oz the Great and Powerful

Superman films:
9 - Man of Steel
6 - Superman II
5 - Superman
4 - Superman IV
3 - Superman III
2 - Superman Returns

So obviously pretty high. Honestly what it was truly missing was a send-off. Like Joker's card in BB, or Nick Fury in Iron Man, Tony Stark in Incredible Hulk, Oscorp in Amazing Spider-Man. Honestly anything would've sufficed, but I really wanted to see the back of Lex's head, or something to that effect.

I really don't understand the bad reviews though. Truly baffled.

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
but, nevertheless still the best superman film ever made.
And I definitely agree here.

Logan 9.0 | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 9.5 | Wonder Woman 7.5 | Spider-Man: Homecoming 8.5 | Thor: Ragnarok 8.5 | Justice League 6.5

Tradition is just dead people's baggage.

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