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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Cavill I liked quite a bit, and felt he could have done even better in a better film.
and how about General Zod? he was written so much better than STM n SII.
i think General Zod is a tragic character. he did all he can to protect Krypton... and then went all the way to find clark to revive Krypton. and he failed in the end.
somehow i feel sorry for him. when he realised that he had failed and left alone. the frustration and the anger...

the ending is so emotional for me... i almost cried for him. lol

The superman returns comics strips were created during the production of the movie in 2005 we were longing a superman movie too long and we were basically going crazy of every bit of the leaked news and rumours. let's the fun returns!
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