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Default Re: Official Superman Returns Discussion

Brandon on Henry and MOS:

Geek: With “Man of Steel” coming out, there's big Superman talk all around, but it’s not you in the suit. Is that a bittersweet experience?

Routh: I would have liked to done another movie. I love the character, and the fans are great. It has been an amazing family to be a part of. I feel like I still had more to do, and to grow as the character. But Henry [Cavill] is a great actor and has done a nice job. I’m happy for Superman fans that they get another film.

Geek: Has there been any interaction between you and Cavill?

Routh: No, I’ve never met him but I look forward to. He actually screen tested, I think, for the one iteration of the film I did as well back in 2004 and didn’t get it. He’s deserving of it, but had to wait a while.

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