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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Loved this film 8/10 and i will be seing it again tomorrow , great performances all around from everyone brilliantly cast . The score was brilliant it evoked so much emotional energy in quiet personal scenes and also in the action scenes, i will be buying the soundtrack (well done zimmer) the action was jaw dropping (cgi was abit crappy in some scenes i.e smallville) the fights were how i imagined , I felt abit unease at how superman took those brutal hits getting knocked around like a ragdoll pure destruction man ,foara was a standout for me , her scenes actually made me go ' holyyy ****tt '. Im open arms towards this new superman , the critic's can **** off and bash one out over donners version( yes it will always be the best before i get grilled) WB needed to go for a new adaption a different take on the 75 year old character. Im not a superman fan but this film has put him back on the map, of course it has flaws (editing,some cgi, those zooming shots lol) but this is a great way to start a franchise. Well done Zack

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