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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

I really enjoyed it, I thought Cavill made for a good Clark/Superman and overall the film captured a lot of what I feel makes the mythos special. The reworked origin is interesting to say the least, although I'm sure some will have issues with Lois knowing who Clark is immediately and them already essentially falling for each other, as it very much changes the classic Lois/Clark dynamic for any sequels. Personally I liked this aspect as it was great to see Lois in investigative reporter mode and the "Heat of the moment" kiss leaves wriggle room for the sequels.

The story is essentially a merged remake of Superman 1 & 2 filtered through a modern vision and is so crammed full of information that it's structure makes the films pacing awkward at times, especially in it's lack of explanation of how Clark found the FOS or the way the film jumps from scene to scene when Superman turns himself in, without a natural flow.

The extended opening on Krypton was great and for me a much appreciated expansion of the back story we have seen on screen before, but part of me wonders if the action there forced Snyder to cut some character scenes from the 3rd act.

The performances are good all across the board, Shannon and Crowe being the stand outs. Zod is both terrifyingly single minded of purpose and twistedly honourable in his dedication, Shannon brings forth such fury that you feel Earth's peril. In contrast Crowe brings a calm and noble quality to Jor-El.

I also have to say I loved Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Ma and Pa Kent, they bring the right feel to the characters especially in the present day scenes between Clark and Martha. Amy Adams is very good as Lois and is at her best in the early parts of the movie as a determined reporter. I have to say though I didn't think her and Cavill generated any romantic chemistry.

The action and CGI is a mixed bag, I think Snyder's choice to showcase the speed of Kryptonians when fighting in comparison to humans was interesting but at times I wanted things to slow down so we could see a bit more, but overall the film has some good money shots amongst some ropey effects. The Superman vs Zod fight is fittingly epic in scope and it's finale is powerful (As long as you ignore the amount of people Supes had most likely already killed with the massive damage to buildings & explosions he caused. ).

I think this is a good not great Superman film, certainly my favourite to date but so chocked full of information and retelling of things we've seen that it doesn't have time to breathe. However it has heart and spectacle, it launches a new version of the mythos on the big screen in grand fashion and sets the table for a potentially exciting sequel that can be filled with fresh material for a live action Superman.


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