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Default Re: DC Relaunching Everything? - Part 10

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
I've usually read more Marvel than DC but I have read DC comics ever now and again over the years. I never found DC continuity that difficult or hard to follow after the original crisis reboot of the DCU.

I'm not sure it needed a total reboot to begin with just a change in direction and they could of relaunched some of the lesser titles like they did with the 52. I think the reboot was done more marketing and sales reasons rather than it actually improving the quality and read ability of the comics.
I actually think it's more confusing than ever now.

How long have characters been around? Is it only five years? Was Batman around before that? What about Green Lantern? Who is alive again? Who is still dead? Who doesn't exist? Which stories still happened, and which ones didn't? I wasn't really around for the first Crisis (I was born in 1983), so I don't know if it had this same effect or if it was a much better defined reboot/clean-up in the ongoings.

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