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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

I've been someone who's defended the fact that yes, Superman has killed in the past but only when there is absolutely no other options available to him.

In Man Of Steel we have an in-experienced Superman who really has no clue as to what he is capable of (he learned to fly what? A few weeks before Zod shows up?), so in a way you could see it from that stand point that he felt he had no other choice.

However, again as someone who's defended that aspect, as someone who probably would have yelled "just kill him already".....I have to say.....actually "SEEING IT HAPPEN"......never in a million years would I have believed DC/WB would have the balls to do that in a live action movie.

It really all comes down again to the fact that he is a in-experienced Superman, he has to learn his rules somehow and I think this is where he will learn the "Never Kill" rule, you can see its eating at him, he cant believe what he's done, and he wont want to feel like that ever again.

If we ever see this lead up into a Superman vs. DOOMSDAY fight, I bet this moment will come back to haunt him and play a big factor into that fight.

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