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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

I have it in Spanish so lets see if I can translate it
- Yo come from krypton
- A world with more hostel environment than earth
- A Long Time ago in an era of expansion
- Our civilization traveled to the stars looking for new places where we could settle
– This ship is one of the thousands we send threw space
– We constructed outpost in other planets using terraform machines to make those planets inhabitable for our needs
- During 100 thousand years our civilization flourished creating wonders
– A controlled civilization was established
- the outpost where abandoned
- We exusted our natural resources
– As a result the nucleus of our planet became unstable
- At the end our military lieder General Zod tried to over throw the government but it was to late
- your mother and I prevented that calamity from taking place and we ensured your safety

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