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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Nicko-Ray View Post
Can someone specify for me where the Wayne Enterprise logo is exactly? Seeing it again tomorrow, so I'll be sure to look out.
Originally Posted by smsvmos View Post
Man of Steel Cameos and Ester Eggs

1. Krypton destroyed Moon (from the comics by Jax–Ur)
2. Cloning of Kryptonians (from the Man of Steel mini series )
3. Kalex robot (from the comics)

1. Lana Lang (comics)
2. Pete Ross (comics)
3. Whitney Fordman (smallville)
4. Kenny Braverman (comics)
5. Sullivan Shop (maybe from Chloe Sullivan)

The Fortress of Solitude (Aka scout ship)
1. Superman’s key (from the silver age comics)
2. Jor-El's hologram (from the man of steel mini series)
3. The 2 statues in the recreation of krypton (they kind of look like the two statues that superman has in the fortress from the comics)
4. The opened pot in the ship (Kara's pot from the prequel comic)

1. The reference to Blaze Comics (Booster Gold)
2. Wayne's Satellite (Batman)
3. LexCorp (Lex Luthor)
4. Man eating a Oreo (Martian Manhunter)

Prequel Comic:
1. Kara
2.The Thanagarians
You also missed the way they imprisoned people in the phantom zone. Although it was more fantastical, there was still that 2-dimensional polygon shape that they were trapped in (a reference back to the Donner films). The robot was named Kelex (a refrence back to the John Byrne era). The film also seemed like they got some influence from Akira Toriyama's Dragonball manga series. There were refrences to how Kryptoninans would go to other worlds and take them over (very similar to what the Sayajins did). One of the Kryptoninans was called Nam-Ek, which could be a reference to the planet of the same name in that series. There was also one scene in the climactic battle with Zod that was not unlike what happened during a fight with Goku and Piccolo or Goku and Vegeta (Zod removed his heavy armor so that he was able to fly and fight better).

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and there was kryptonite in the film. It just wasn't the green rock that we are all too familiar with.


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