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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
A couple little Smallville fun facts:
In the scene where Emil Hamilton is introduced, he asks his assistant to scan some area - said assistant played Hamilton in Smallville.
First time Clark is REALLY suspected of being different involves saving people from a vehicle that drives off of a bridge and into the water.
Zod's scientist is the same actor who played the deformed Lex clone in Smallville's season 10(?) premiere.
Amy Adams was in an episode of Smallville.
Originally Posted by smsvmos View Post
Yea In total we got 4 actors that in the past where from smallville

Mackenzie Gray (Jax-Ur) (Cloned Lex Luthor)
David Paetkay (Northcom threat Analyst) (Officer Danny Turpin)
Alessandro Juliani (Officer Sekowsky) (Dr.Emil Hamilton)
Amy Adams (Lois Lane) (Jodi Melville)

2 more:

Chad Krowchuk (Woodburn) played Wendell Johnson in the 4th season (Forever) where the FotW preserves the highschool/yearbook people.
Tahmoh Penikett (Jed Ubanks) played Vince Davis in season 3 (Resurrection) AND Wes Keenan in Season 6 (Prototype & Nemesis).

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