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Default Re: Where Does Clark's Character Development Go in the Sequel??

Clark's future

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Lois should be giving him leads & showing him the ropes as a reporter. Maybe Perry took a big chance on him, but Lois was able to get him a job at the DP--now it's just about keeping it. Clark was a good writer in high school, but he's been a drifter for his adult life; he doesn't exactly have on-the-field training.

This will not only build up the classic Lois & Clark dynamic (maybe he gets good quick, and now he and Lois compete for stories), but it will also play into the "human" side of Superman. That should be his struggle in MOS2. He knows his alien origins now, but he was born in he human?

That'll also tie in with Luthor's theme too. He rejects Superman because he represents everything humanity isn't. He has power that Luthor craves, yet Clark is really preoccupied with finding his place in this new world.

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