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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by smsvmos View Post
Man of Steel Cameos and Ester Eggs

1. Krypton destroyed Moon (from the comics by Jax–Ur)
2. Cloning of Kryptonians (from the Man of Steel mini series )
3. Kalex robot (from the comics)

1. Lana Lang (comics)
2. Pete Ross (comics)
3. Whitney Fordman (smallville)
4. Kenny Braverman (comics)
5. Sullivan Shop (maybe from Chloe Sullivan)

The Fortress of Solitude (Aka scout ship)
1. Superman’s key (from the silver age comics)
2. Jor-El's hologram (from the man of steel mini series)
3. The 2 statues in the recreation of krypton (they kind of look like the two statues that superman has in the fortress from the comics)
4. The opened pot in the ship (Kara's pot from the prequel comic)

1. The reference to Blaze Comics (Booster Gold)
2. Wayne's Satellite (Batman)
3. LexCorp (Lex Luthor)
4. Man eating a Oreo (Martian Manhunter)

Prequel Comic:
1. Kara
2.The Thanagarians

It's called a POD not a POT...

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