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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Stephen K. Hone View Post
It's funny, people were complaining that that scene clearly looked CGi in trailer # 3, but in the the context of the movie it looked amazing. I also thought "Holy crap he looks just like CR there" and from previous comments it would appear that it wasn't just my imagination. Love this movie!!
Same here. It was almost uncanny how much it looked like him. It could just be the angle or the similar bone structure, but I swear it looks like they did a subtle CG morph on him as well.

As for other easter eggs, there was the shot of the barn doors opening from STM. And Clark standing up to an obnoxious trucker in a coffee shop. And being punched in the chest by same trucker.

And I know it's not DC, but the scene of Superman struggling to fly (and then crashing) looked an awful lot like Ralph's shaky attempts to fly during Greatest American Hero.

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